Work Zone Impacts and Strategies Estimator Software (WISE)

I just listened to a webinar on Work Zone Impacts Strategies Estimator (WISE) software.  Toward the end of the ninety minute session the speaker mentioned the goal, as part of EDC3, to speed the adoption and understanding of this software. To do so they are offering up to four grants of as much as $250,000 each for proof of concept pilots.  Agencies who win these grants will demonstrate support for the use and development of the software as part of their grant application. But they are also looking for agencies who make good use of other impacts analysis tools.

It would be great if one or more agencies included the evaluation of work zone ITS systems in their application. WISE could be used to estimate the affect of a particular system on a project or corridor level, then measure the actual affect once construction begins. That data could then be used by future software users who are considering the use of work zone systems. This would improve the WISE software and make better use of our systems going forward – a “win – win” for everyone!

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