The Work Zone ITS Blog Through It’s First 18 Months

As we begin another year I hope you will forgive me if I look back on the last year and a half of the Work Zone ITS Blog. We began in August of 2012 and since then we have posted 60 times. The goal, originally, was to spark a conversation within our rather exclusive community. By talking about the issues we all face, I hoped to move the technology and its use forward a little faster.  I believe we have succeeded, though not in precisely the way we originally imagined. The conversation is taking place but not out in the open like I hoped. Still, progress is being made.

You may be interested in a few statistics:

Since it’s inception, Work Zone ITS Blog has been read by interested people in 63 different countries. The United States was first, of course, followed by Brazil and Canada.

Our busiest day was February 18, 2014 when we posted “TTI Creates Paradigm Shift for Work Zone ITS.” Our 5 most read posts were:

1) TTI Creates Paradigm Shift for Work Zone ITS – February 2014

2) Self Driving Cars and Work Zone ITS – March, 2014

3) Work Zone ITS Implementation Guide – February 2014

4) Queue Warning Systems – October 2013

5) Report from ATSSA ITS Council – August 2014

Thank you all for reading, for passing it along to others, and for your comments and suggestions along the way. Please take a moment and recommend us to your friends and colleagues. They can find us at:

On Facebook at:

Or on LinkedIn at:

Thanks again for reading. I wish you a prosperous and rewarding year in 2015.

All the best, Joe Jeffrey

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