Self-Driving Cars and Work Zones

At Traffic Expo many of us discussed the idea of self driving cars and how they might account for work zones. A recent post on the ITE Members blog caused me to respond. It asked about data formatting for work zones and special events. I didn’t really answer his question. Instead, as I often do, I asked more questions:

From: Mr. Joseph M. Jeffrey
To: All Member Forum
Posted: Mar 06, 2014 10:32 AM
Subject: RE:Questions for ITE from the Self-Driving Car Team at Google, Inc.



Thank you for starting this discussion. I am from the work zone industry and specialize in work zone ITS. I have asked similar questions of anyone I meet involved in self-driving vehicles. Specifically I have asked how they will account for work zones. Lane shifts, narrowed lanes, closed lanes and roads that have been closed entirely all must be accounted for. The exact changes in latitude and longitude to the open lanes must be updated in real time along with detour routes, speed reductions, and more.

This same information would have to be supplied for special events and incident management. I certainly hope the same formatting could be used for all three.

I understand you are more interested in the format of the data. But please encourage those interested to also consider how that data will be gathered, who is responsible along the way, and particularly how it can be updated in real time.


Joe Jeffrey

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