Drones Are Coming!

A recent article in the Atlanta Journal – Constitution looked at “peaceful” uses for drones. The article referred to an ongoing study looking at uses for drones in transportation management. You can access the article here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/media.atssa.com/News+PR/Georgia+Tech+to+Study+Use+of+Drones+for+Monitoring+Highway+Traffic+6.7.pdf . One point the author makes is that they often know they have a problem but don’t know precisely where it starts or what the cause is. Drones are one way of addressing that issue. Another, of course, is portable sensors. Sensors work better where you know you will have problems, such as in work zones. But drones would be handy where you don’t expect problems. Just launch it near the trouble spot and begin viewing the video.  It will be difficult to get actionable data this way, but it would improve our knowledge about the situation in the field and that will help us make better decisions. The article says it will be several years before these are commonly used, but it is something to think about!

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